Levitra cost and prescription in Australia

Levitra is a prescription drug for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Although Levitra will not cure erectile dysfunction or cause an erection, it can help relax blood vessels and allow more blood flow to the penis. It is also known to increase libido in males. It should be taken orally about an hour before sexual intercourse. It is important to note that Levitra will not create an erection, sexual stimulation will still be required. Levitra is effective for 92% of men which is higher than its leading competitors, Viagra and Cialis. It is also the only erectile dysfunction medication that is said to work with small levels of alcohol.

Men who have tried Viagra without success are recommended to try Levitra in hopes of better results. The effects last anywhere from four to five hours which is half the time of Cialis and could be seen as a positive or negative effect. It is recommended to speak with a doctor about dosages and uses to lessen side effects. Side effects include; headache, flushed skin, stuffy or runny nose, indigestion, upset stomach, dizziness, back pain. You should not drink alcohol, grapefruit juice, or take more than your recommended dosage. Levitra is not a daily medicine and should only be taken as needed. It is important not to take more than one dose in a 24 hour period because it will increase the risk of side effects. Men suffering from heart conditions and other serious illnesses should contact a doctor before taking any erectile dysfunction medication. If you don’t have a prescription you can purchase Levitra and its generic counterparts online from Australia. It is fairly easy to find websites offering these sales a couple I found are: http://viagramelbourne.com and edonlinestores.net.

The cost per pill will vary depending on the quantity ordered but is typically anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 which is considerably lower than out of pocket co pays for United States pharmacies. Most retailers offer discreet shipping options to keep your information private and even provide free airmail on qualified orders. When researching I also found websites that offered free samples of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis in order to help you make an informed decision on which works best for you. Each of these medications have different active ingredients and will react differently for different people. Online shoppers of any prescription medication need to be cautious when researching and purchasing from online vendors. D

Prices vary between vendors but cheapest isn’t always the best route. While it is legal to purchase Levitra in Australia without a prescription it is illegal to do so in the United States. It is always safest to get your medication from a licensed doctor’s prescription at your local pharmacy. Levitra is available all over the world including Australia and could aid in sexual intercourse with erectile dysfunction. It has already many men and you could be next.

Generic Cialis Online in South africa


Generic Cialis, also known as Tadalafil, is commonly used to relax arterial muscles while at the same time streamlining blood flowing to the penis’ tissues, causing an erection. Additionally, Cialis is effective in erection improvement, giving a good sexual intercourse. The effects of Cialis are better in the presence of additional sexual stimulation. Generally and ordinarily, Cialis will act and remain active for the first 36 hours of ingestion but the effect may not be present without sexual stimulation. However, its effects can manifest in less than 20 minutes after ingestion in the presence of sexual arousal.


Generic Cialis should be taken in doses of 20 mg and 16 minutes to the sexual activity. This time gives the drug enough time to get absorbed into the blood stream. It is advisable that Cialis is used only once per day while remaining within the recommended dosage range. Starters can begin with a dose of 10 mg before the sexual activity.


There are several things you should disclose to your physician before taking Generic Cialis. These include penis abnormality, such as curved penis and other birth defects, history of coronary artery illness, history of heart failure or attack, arrhythmia, sickle cell anemia, history of kidney or liver failure, presence or history of stomach ulcers, hyper/hypotension, chest pains, or bleeding. Cialis should not be used with tobacco, grapefruit juice, or any other alcoholics because it can cause sudden loss of vision, also known as NAION.

Contraindications and drug interactions

It is advisable not to use Cialis if you are using anything related to or containing organic nitrate. Whether the organic nitrate is used regularly or intermittently, Cialis should not be used because it potentiates the effects of organic nitrates causing a sudden decline in blood pressure. In addition, anybody allergic to tadalafil should not take Cialis. Cialis interacts with riociguat.

Side effects

The side effects of Cialis include reddening of the face, nausea, headache, diarrhea, stomach upset, and other symptoms similar to those of a flu. More serious side effects include decrease in blood pressure, abnormal ejaculation, color vision changes, prolonged erections, blurred vision, or worsening of pre-existing heart illnesses. It is advisable to seek medical intervention if erection is painful and lasts longer than 4 hours.

Cialis vs. Viagra

Although Viagra and Cialis serve the same purpose, Cialis is better and stronger. Cialis’ effects last for 36 hours while Viagra only lasts for 5 hours at best. While food does not lower the effectiveness of Cialis, it decreases Viagra’s effectiveness.

Where and how to buy Generic Cialis in South Africa

With the growth of e-commerce, many people would prefer doing their shopping online. Luckily, drug stores have also opened online pharmacies where people can place orders and have the drugs delivered at their door steps. Fortunately, you can buy Generic Cialis online in South Africa without any prescription. There are many pharmacies operating online. You can access Cialis online from Sprongbok Pharmacy, Viagrastoresa.com among others. To access the store, Google up the name of the store of your choice and open their website. To locate Cialis quickly, use the onsite Search button.

Cheap levitra in Australia online

Levitra: fantaastic alternative to Viagra

Levitra is a fantastic drug to take for male erectile dysfunction problems and has been proven to help many men in Australia and around the world with their problems in this arena. It is very commonly used and a great pick out of the many for this very annoying and life affecting problem. It has been known to help and long proven in terms of effectiveness. it is a drug that is recommended to take about 60 minutes or so before sex as this is when the medicine starts working at its best for you to take part in intercourse. This is kind of the standard minimum time beforehand to inject the drug. 10 milligrams is the typical dose that doctors start people off with and it goes up from there and can vary from person to person depending on how well the drug works or doesn’t. If you are over 65 doctors usually start you off with a dose of around 5 milligrams as the effects can be a bit overwhelming for someone of this age and it is a best precaution should you have adverse effects from the drug at this age. It is a good rule of thumb that most doctors go by.

Cheap levitra in Australia online

Cheap levitra in Australia online

The drugs is widely available to men in Australia and elsewhere with a prescription. The pricing van vary widely depending on whether or not you do have medical insurance or not. This is subject to your very unique situation as a whole. It can be had at various pharmacies in Australia, online and elsewhere. There are many outlets that offer the drug so it should not at all be hard to find for those seeking it.

Side effects

There are side effects to drugs such as this and with Levitra in general. Men who have high blood pressure issues and take medicines that are meant to help that problem should consult their doctor, because in rare cases, people can experience a drop that is too low for comfort and this can be very dangerous. Also, if you are taking a medicine called nitrates, you want to likely steer clear of Levitra as this can have bad side effects as well. Those with past liver nd kidney issues may want to watch out as well, because in studies the drug has been known to actually make some of those existing problems worse for you. The various other effects can include: vision loss, vision changes, irregular heartbeat, indigestion, headaches, stuffy head and congestion-;like symptoms. Also, you may experience flushing and even the possibility of rashes can occur in some men, but these are rare. Most of these side effects aren’t just specific to Levitra, but they are common in this type of drug category at large.

As usual, the best course of action before taking these is to consult with your physician and have an all-around checkup to see if this is right for you. It helps many men and is a great choice for males. It has a long history of being great for some people and being less than great for others. Everyone is different and drugs affect different people in a variety of very different ways. Rest assured, there is a solution out there to help you and Levitra is a great option to look into to getting this problem solved for good.