The best options for the treatment of male-pattern baldness

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss typically occurs in men around age 30 to 40 and then progressively becomes more and more severe. This can lead to baldness by age 50 or 60 but it is common for men to retain at least some hair their entire life. This is a hot topic among men but it is similar to death or erectile dysfunction in that it doesn’t get discussed regularly. Most men prefer to go through life without thinking of such things, but doing some proactive prevention can go a long way.

Personal experience

Hair loss has been an issue I’ve struggled with my entire life. I was one of those kids who was starting to go bald in high school. When I was just 17, my hairline began receding. It was a point of serious contention for me and I was constantly made fun of. The bullies would call me egg head and they would constantly pull my remaining hair. I became so tired of having my hair pulled I started buzzing it so no one could pull it. This led to even more jokes but eventually, they got bored with teasing me about my hair since I didn’t have any left.

Preventative action

Take note because there are only a handful of useful ways you can help stave off hair loss. One of them is to avoid wearing hats. Those who wear things on their heads are likely to lose hair faster. Much like the part of your legs that loses hair because it rubs against the jeans such as your kneecap, the head will lose hair when you are constantly pressing it and rubbing it with hats. Another thing you can do is to take vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E which can help blood flow better to the scalp. Vitamin B can also help the hair to retain color.

Other options

Taking in lots of protein in your diet can help prevent hair loss and massaging your scalp with essential oils can help fair follicles stay active longer. There are also special blends of hair products at and treatments that can be very effective in preventing hair loss. These are some common ingredients to help stop hair loss:

  • Lavender
  • Sesame oil
  • Lean Meats
  • Soy
  • Fish
  • Green tea

What not to do

Things you should avoid include alcoholic beverages and rubbing your hair with a dry towel. Letting your hair dry on its own is a better alternative to towel drying or using a hairdryer. Also, avoid smoking which can reduce the blood flow to the scalp and hinder hair growth. Avoid being sedentary and try to stay physically active. These are all important factors when taking into account hair loss, age, and preventative measures.

My husband has had a receding hair line all of his life. When he turned thirty, it seemed like it started falling out by the handful. He started scouring the internet in the early 2000s for ways to keep from losing more. He finally discovered that some of his hair loss was due to stress. He started keeping his stress level low and it slowed it down but did not stop it. He finally tried Rogaine and that actually made it worse. He went so far as to have an estimate for hair replacement which was way to costly. He finally started wearing his hair very short on top and spiking it. This hid the worst of the loss on the front. The only problem with this was he was using so much hair gel on his hair, the ends started splitting. He literally tried everything from dyeing it to doing the bald look, which did not suit him. I encouraged him to leave it alone and he finally accepted that this was the way his hair was going to be. He is still self conscious about it but at least he does not obsess over it like he used to.