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Levitra, known generically as Vardenafil, is an erectile dysfunction medication developed by and marketed by Bayer and Schinning-Plough Pharmaceuticals. The drug was developed as a direct competitor to the wildly successful Viagra. Levitra works in a fashion that is quite similar to that of Viagra. The medication promotes blood flow to the genital region resulting in erections. The medication can also reduce blood pressure and has some additional side effects that are discussed in detail later. The medication comes in oral tablet form, as well as an oral disintegrating tablet. It is available in 20mg pills, though doses can be split as instructed by a doctor. It is recommended that Levitra be taken approximately one hour prior to sexual activity. Erection duration can vary by individual, with common durations ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is important to contact medical professionals should one experience an erection lasting in duration of longer than 4 hours. It is also not recommended that an individual consume more than a single 20mg dosage per 24 hour period. Overdose of Levitra can result in serious medical issues and could require emergency treatment.

Levitra in Australia online

Levitra in Australia online

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Side effects

Levitra has a number of commonly reported side effects as well as some less common side effects associated with use. Some common side effects of using Levitra include headache, congestion or runny nose, a flushing of the face, and dizziness. Nausea, as well as fatigue and nausea are also side effects that have been reported. More serious side effects associated with use have also been reported. Serious side effects associated with using Levitra include changes in vision including sensitivity to light and/or blured vision. If a change in vision occurs after taking Levitra, it is recommended that a medical professional be contacted immediately as this can indicate that a serious problem has occurred. Levitra should only be prescribed by a doctor and should never be taken without first consulting with your doctor. Additionally, Levitra is contraindicated with numerous medications, and particularly, some blood thinners. It is therefore of utmost importance that you consult with your pharmacist and doctor before taking a dose as contraindications can result in serious medical complications including stroke and death.

Levitra prices in Australia

Australia, offers doses of Levitra in costs ranging from 3 AUD for those with a good insurance carrier, all the way up to 52-65 AUD depending on the pharmacy that is carrying the product. While a significant online market for Levitra a can be found, the reliability and purity of the chemicals being marketed are questionable. A high number of counterfeit Levitra products, particularly those developed in India and China, have made their way into Australia and can be both ineffective for the treatment of erectile issues, as well as potentially dangerous due to the unverified chemical composition of the pills. The consumption of counterfeit Levitra can result in some significant health issues that include death, stroke, and coma and it is therefore never recommended. There are also potential legal issues associated with acquiring Levitra from sources other than medical professionals. Levitra continues to be a very good alternative to Viagra in the erectile dysfunction market.

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