Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men.

In 2019, it is estimated that a little under three million new cases of erectile dysfunction will be diagnosed. This is a disturbing trend that doesn’t seem to have any end in sight. Thankfully due to the miracle of modern medicine there are a number of treatments available. What I hope to accomplish in this article is to properly inform you of which treatments you should seek. In addition to that, I want to give you a solid plan of action to follow if you suspect you are having troubles with erections.

Millions of men around the world easily miss the early signs of erectile dysfunction.

However, I can’t really blame you guys. The signs of erectile problems actually don’t have an impact on the penis until later on in the process. So what are these early signs I speak of? Well, the most common are severe headache, fatigue, and chest pain. If these symptoms seem familiar, they are. They are the exact same symptoms for high blood pressure. The fact of the matter is if your blood pressure is bad, it will have a direct impact on your quality of erection.

More obvious signs of erectile problems will have to do with the penis.

If you notice a lower quality of erection, it might be time to think about visiting your doctor. In addition to that, you want to keep an eye on your morning erections. If you aren’t having these erections at least 5 times a week. That is a major indicator that there is something wrong. I’d strongly suggest setting up an appointment with your doctor. Now I know we as men don’t like going to the doctor especially for something like this but hear me out. Erectile issues that go untreated or diagnosed end up becoming permanent over a few years time.

Once you speak to your doctor he or she will offer a number of different treatment options.

I’d suggest asking for a prescription to Levitra for a couple of reasons. The first being that the medication has a high success rate among users. The next is that Levitra is covered by some medical insurance. Other medications like Viagra or Cialis have a bit of a higher chance of not being covered. Insurance coverage is important because the medication is very expensive and there is little you can do to offset those costs. Levitra also helps offset costs because it comes in lower doses than other medications. Other medications have doses no lower than 20mg while Levitra can go as low as 10mg.

Since lower doses of medication are cheaper, Levitra wins the gold star for cost-effectiveness by default.

Levitra also wins the gold star for effectiveness too. The reason I give it that rating is because of the low dosage that it takes to be effective. Levitra users can expect to be ready to go within 15 minutes of taking the medication. When it comes to side effects Levitra has a similar list to similar medications. The most common side effects would be a headache, runny nose or an upset stomach. You can bypass these side effects by taking the medication with food but it might take longer to work. Talk to your doctor about Levitra today.

Levitra: Uses, risks and how to buy it safely

What Is Levitra?

Levitra is a drug designed to treat erectile dysfunction. Its primary ingredient is vardenafil. Vardenafil has a 15% bioavailability, 95% protein binding, hepatic metabolisation, and a 4.5 hour elimination half-life. Vardenafil’s molecular formula is C23H32N6O4S and it weighs 488.6 grams per mol. Vardenafil is marketed by Bayer Pharmaceutical, GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough. Levitra comes in circular orange tablets stamped with the dosage size, either 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg. The basic starting dose is 10mg. One tablet should be taken 1.5 hours prior to sexual activity. Never take more than one tablet per day. Vardenafil is similar to other PDE5 inhibitors such as sildenafil citrate and tadalafil. The main difference between vardenafil and sildenafil citrate is the position of the nitrogen atom and the ethyl group that replaces a piperazine ring. Tadalafil shares little with vardenafil in terms of its structure but has a similar effect. Vardenafil has a very short duration, only slightly longer than sildenafil citrate. Vardenafil may be useful for treating premature ejaculation, but this is poorly studied. Vardenafil is sometimes marketed as Staxyn, Levitra, Levitra Soft, or Vivanza.


Side Effects

Levitra is associated with many potent side effects. Nausea is a commonly reported reaction, along with abdominal pain, back pain, photosensitivity, abnormal vision, eye pain, facial edema, hypotension, palpitations, tachycardia, arthralgia, myalgia, rash, and itch. Vardenafil is known to cause fatal heart attacks in extremely rare circumstances. It can also cause priapism, which can escalate to permanent impotence if untreated. If you experience priapism, call a doctor immediately. Vardenafil can occasionally cause deafness as well. The FDA mandated a warning label associated with this last condition in 2007. Vardenafil should never be taken by people using nitrate medications. Nitrate medications and vardenafil can cause immediate lethal hypotension, or extremely low blood pressure. Vardenafil should not be taken in conjunction with drugs that increase the QT interval, such as amiodarone.

Vardenafil can also cause headaches, flushing, hot skin, runny nose, stuffy nose, stomach pain, heartburn, or dizziness. Vardenafil is known to occasionally cause ringing in the ears, chest pain, heavy heart, pain spreading in the arms or shoulders, sweating, ill feeling, swollen hands, swollen ankles, swollen feet, swollen elbows, shortness of breath, fainting, or seizures. If you experience one of these issues, call a doctor immediately as many of them can be lethal if untreated.

Purchasing Options

Vardenafil requires a prescription to purchase. Any stores offering vardenafil without a prescription are offshore. Only buy from reputable merchants. Levitra costs approximately 150 pennies per tablet, with discounts for larger amounts. Remember to thoroughly investigate before buying from a website. Over 60% of websites selling Levitra have also generic tablets. You can also buy from a brick and mortar physical store in Sydney such as Priceline Pharmacy. Just remember, if a merchant’s deal seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

What is Levitra? Is it good alternative to Viagra?

A man travelling to the Australia brought a little something extra in his luggage from New Zealand. Levitra is the name, and he was happy to be meeting a woman fifteen years his junior from online. She picked him up at the train station, and they had a lovely day in a beach town. She loved his accent and walked along the beach playfully. She didn’t even think about the age difference because he was so charming and funny, and took her out to nice restaurants unlike the broke college males down the hall in her dormitory. She ended up driving to meet him at the pier later that weekend, and had a lovely time riding the rides with him. He absolutely pampered her like no man could. Surprising her with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, she went to the bathroom to tidy up. She had no idea that during dinner at a fancy restaurant that he took Levitra before heading back to their room later that night. After a lot of kissing she had the most passionate and long-lasting lovemaking she ever experienced. She had no idea that he took any pills! Nothing indicated he was anything but eager to kiss and hold her all night, being the perfect gentleman while doing so and making her wild in the process.

Buy Levitra

Well, if you happened to be wondering if this is a true story or not, it is! So what is Levitra exactly?

Well, most certainly heard of Viagra, and Levitra is another option in treating male erectile dysfunction when timing is everything. Many men can start with a dose of 10 mg just 30-60 minutes before sexual activity. It can be taken everyday as long as it is spaced 24 hours apart. Just be careful not to drink while taking this prescription medication! Levitra is much stronger than Viagra. In fact, for the same benefits a man would need to take a higher dosage. Levitra is used as needed, so there is no problem in missing a dose. There are a few things to look out for. If you do venture out and use Levitra, be aware of possible but rare side effects. Sudden pain or other symptoms might signal an issue with the medicine and require you to stop and contact a doctor. This is more probable if you have underlying health issues, which will likely be discussed before getting the medication.

Just as anything adventurous and exciting in life, one must weigh the risks and rewards. Just imagine being on a business trip yourself, and taking that well-earned side trip to a new destination with a new friend eager to feel the touch of an experienced man. Levitra is so easy to use, and just requires a prescription from a medical professional. Imagine holding on for longer than you can imagine, getting as many passionate kissing in as possible. Showing a woman of any age that you are a passionate man and having fun while exploring a new place is definitely worth it for both parties involved. Life is all about adventure and the journey. Have an adventure with someone special! Nobody will need to know what you have hiding in your luggage, and it won’t matter anyway with all the activity going on.

Buy Levitra without prescription in Australia

Buy Levitra without prescription

Levitra is a medication that is used by men to treat erectile dysfunction disorders. It is much more faster acting than most of the competitor’s drugs that are manufactured to treat the same disorders: Levitra will begin working in just a few short minutes. It allows men to get and maintain an erection during sex. The effects of the medicine work, but are not as strong as others. This makes Levitra the perfect option for elderly men or those who are at increased risks for health problems. Since sexual capabilities, or a lack thereof, can make or break the success of many relationships, this may be a necessary product. Further, it allows people to continue enjoying a key component of life, as well as helping married couples conceive children. Since nobody is ever completely healthy, or if they are then it will not last for long, I believe that there should be no shame or stigma attached to the men that utilize the help that this medication can offer.

Buy Levitra without prescription in Australia

Buy Levitra without prescription in Australia

Levitra without prescription

Levitra is available in Australia without a doctor’s prescription. is a website where residents of the continent can order the pills and have them delivered to their home. The website claims that EMS delivery times will only take 5 to 9 days, while airmail will take anywhere from 9 to 18 days. The larger quantity you purchase, the less overall price per pill that a customer will have to pay. For the 10 milligram pills, the smallest quantity is ten pills which cost $41.69, or $4.17 a pill; however, if you order the largest quantity available of 360 pills for $478.93, you only have to pay $1.33 per pill. Since a prescription is not required, it would be advisable for several customers to join their needs together, in order to get the lower scaled prices. Or, if the condition is expected to continue, order a large quantity and it will last forever, plus you will get it cheaper in the long run.

How Levitra works?

An Australian government website, at, does a better job of describing exactly how the medication works. In summary, the active component of the drug is Vardenafil. This ingredient increases blow flow to the penis, increasing the man’s ability to have an erection. While the website states that an erection for up to four hours is possible, it also points out that this does not necessarily mean that the consumer will have an erection for this long. It also points out that the drug alone will not cause an erection; there must be some sort of sexual stimulation. Also, the drug will not help in any way to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so other precautionary measures will need to be taken. Also, several of the potential risks associated with taking Levitra are discussed. They are very similar to almost every other medication in existence though- there is always some sort of trade-off. These include headaches, dizziness, stuffy or runny nose, indigestion, upset stomach, back pain, and/or flushed skin. It is recommended that if these symptoms persist for multiple hours, then the patient should seek out medical attention. Lastly, it is stated that you should only take one pill in every 24 hour time span, and not together with any other medications that are used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Levitra online

Levitra online: is it safe to purchase?

Levitra onlineLevitra is simply a great drug that is commonly used to treat male impotence and erectile dysfunction problems that are prominent in men. It has shown to be truly fantastic for solving these problems and is just a simple pill that is commonly given in a small and simple dose. it is very common to take this about a hour before you need it and it lasts for a few hours after that. It is that simple! It doesn’t given erection on its own but it does offer a way for more blood to flow to the penile region as it allows for the opening of the various blood vessels. The cost of the pill is typically on the low side but will vary based on what your insurance does and does not cover as a whole. The good news is that it is available at most pharmacy’s in Switzerland so men don’t have to worry about finding this great drug somewhere close to them. You should not take this drug any more than once daily and it is recommended that doses be spaced out by at least 24 hours or so. Grapefruit is something that causes a high instance of side effects so it is cautioned that you not drug any while taking this drug as you don’t want this to be the case.

Men do have a lot of warnings to heed as Levitra and other drugs in this same class have a high amount of possible side effects that you may have to look out for. headache has been reported in some men. Also, flushing, upset stomach and vomiting has been known to occur in many people. Some have a runny nose, redness, swelling of the face, hands, limbs and other parts of the body. There have been some cases of temporary blindness in some men and colors not appearing as they actually are. Serve dizziness, having the runs or other stomach problems like indigestion have happened in some men as well. there have been rare cases of permanent blindness that has happened. Men who have diabetes, heart disease and are overweight are advised to consult with their doctor first, as this is a good rule of thumb when taking any new medication even without a prescription. Men who have erections of over 4 hours are advised to consult medical professionals immediately as this certainly lead to long-term and permanent damage and needs to be addressed right away.

it is important to tell your doctors and your pharmacist about any possible allergies you may have as well as your complete medical history and this way they can assess whether or not this medicine is right for you. You also need to make sure that you are healthy enough for sex or not and be sure any other medication that you take is safe to take with Levitra.

Men in Switzerland have a great solution in this drug they will be thrilled that this is an easy to obtain drug that will finally allow them to take back their love life in a way that they probably never thought was possible. You should get yourself some Levitra today and finally be that man that you thought was a thing of the past. You can take full control of your sex life with this simple drug and you will not be sorry that you did!

Review of Levitra online

Review of Levitra onlineLevitra (generic name: Vardenafil) is a medication marketed by Bayer AG that belongs to a class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors which help men to achieve or maintain erections when sexually aroused. Other drugs that belong to this family of medicines include Viagra and Cialis, and like these other drugs, Levitra is legal and available in Australia or online with a prescription. Millions of Australian men have used it to treat their erectile dysfunction, restore their lost sex lives, and improve their overall happiness in life ever since the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) first approved it in Australia.


Levitra is an orange circular pill that comes in a variety of doses. The most common dosage most men start with is a 10mg dose. This can be increased or decreased as needed for most men but it’s important to never exceed 20mg in one day and people who take less than 5mg may not experience any noticeable benefits at all. Aside from the 10mg dose, it’s available in tablets of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 20mg.

How Levitra Works:

Levitra works as a vasodilator, which means that it helps to widen the blood vessels in a man’s body to provide more blood flow to the penis. It should normally be taken about 1 hour to 30 minutes before having sex and it’s effect on the body usually lasts for about 5 to 6 hours. This is typically longer than Viagra which is known for lasting about 4 hours on average. Levitra has a reputation as being less sensitive to food intake than Viagra as well. This means that while it’s best to take it on an empty stomach, you can still eat a light meal or drink a glass of milk before taking it and should still experience most of the same benefits as you normally would on an empty stomach.


As for other potential benefits over other erectile dysfunction medications, there have been a few studies that show Levitra may be favored by some people for a few reasons. For example, in one study published in the January 2005 edition of the medical journal Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy, researchers determined that Levitra does not have the side effect of altering color perception in users which sometimes, though rarely, happens in Viagra users. Another major study, published in the September 2005 issue of Clinical Therapeutics, showed very positive findings towards Levitra. Researchers in that study were trying to determine if Levitra could possibly help men achieve erections who were not responsive to Viagra. They found that about 62% of men in the study were able to achieve erections and a large majority of them continued to see benefits of the drug 6 hours after their initial dose.

Side Effects:

But just like any other prescription medication, Levitra can have side effects and should not be taken by men who have cardiovascular problems or have had a history of heart disease. The most common side effects reported by most users include flushing, headache, stuffy nose, slight nausea, and heartburn or upset stomach. Levitra is generally a safe medication for most people in Australia, but if you experience any other side affects aside from these which you feel may not be normal, it’s important you speak to a doctor immediately.